It is with trepidation we post this for such an incredible, delicate, some might say – virgin – MCM home pared back to purity of design and materials, primarily light timber and that classic Adelaide stonework, deserves only the most controlled and considered hand. To our minds it is a case of protecting it as is with appropriate restorative finishes (perhaps a coat of paint – only where peeling already) and adding furnishings for the personal touch, hell – we’d even leave that lino for Lynch-esq creepy dance parties. 

**Update** Inquiries made by an on-the-ball Modernist Australian – thanks Ali! – suggests the agent is somewhat overlooking the inherent beauty of this home and pitching for a sale based purely on the land value. Typical. Fishing for philistines who mindlessly destroy impossible-to-replicate timber, stone and craftsmanship, not to mention gorgeous architecture for some godforsaken profit margin. GRRRR! C’mon gang! One of you please buy it and allay our fears that this too, could become one of the lost ones.