Been online for all of 4 days and it seems young Olly and Braddo think that’s long enough before they’ll flog it off to the first quasi-interested party who sitcks their head in the door  – as the word on the Adelaide streets tonight says this one’s gonna sell before COB tomorrow! That’s right cats and kittens, before anyone has a change to fully realise (let alone inspect) the beauty and refurb potential of this wonderfull MCM home complete with killer pool and to sensational stonework, the boys are gonna fire-sale up and walk away with their fat commish all for 5 days work. We say – hell no! And have bumped this listing (over a few deserving others) just to get it out there tonight. So c’mon!! Ring the bank in the AM, have your cheque cut and ready to go by 2pm and sign on the line by 5 – for this is one hella good pick up which we cannot let slide into oblivion.