Hold tight gang, this one just might down our server. One of the most expansive and successful MCM refurbs we’ve had the pleasure to play a (small) part in. Let us go back two years when MA listed this Mornington Peninsula residence, the the work of Karl Fender (prominent architect to this very day) who designed and built it as the family home c.1973 when he was a baby, a mere 23 years old. Though his work still shone through in early 2017, the residence overall had severely gone to seed and we made the call that is was “a sprawling compound of dreams waiting for some new energy to take it on and make it sparkle” . Well, turns out Modernist Australian Katie saw our listing, heeded that call and jumped in feet first. Now in 2019 having poured love, bags of money and endless toil ripping out the bad stuff, polishing up the good and landscaping her heart out here it is: The renamed ‘Fender House’ (applause!) a super duper, ultra Palm Springsy residence of dreams and the best part? You (and your 10 besties) can don your Pucci jumpsuit, cocktail in hand, Brazil 66 on the turntable and swan around in your best Slim Aarons timeline, as it’s now on Airbnb!
We’ve already booked our ticket for a Mount Martha MCM weekend of delight the rest of you, dear readers, make an orderly line. 

*Here’s the old listing once more time, with some nice ‘before’ comparisons to peruse.