Our personal connection to Barwon Heads, in fact this very stretch, is as complex as the estuary system it rests within, but one thing we have always known for sure it that this residence, a combination of location and pedigree Australian Modern design, is the best in town. And where most of ‘The Heads’ has been touched one way or another by the new century’s influx of wealth and vanity this place remains unchanged. You will find intact the moonah trees (sadly cleared off most sold holdings in the least 20 years), the huge block undivided and most of revealing of all this house –  the work of Modernist Australian legend Neil Clerehan – virtually the same as when built*. How long this situation stays as is, is but a matter of time however we’d implore anyone with the finances to purchase in this most exclusive of enclaves to find this splendid home worthy of holding onto as it offers something more than most – a private, unassuming yet glorious celebration of the simple beauty of place. 

*Massive kudos to Fletchers for highlighting first and foremost the architectural heritage of this residence, way above all other vapid selling points (& S.T.C.A) so regularly given priority by others in this sufin’ burg.