Oh our stars! This is exactly the type of real estate offering which kick started Modernist Australia in the first place – incredible Mid-Century style, progressive, modest yet exhilarating design, jaw-dropping original interiors but also the pit-of-the-stomach fear that it’s in grave danger. Though its architect is as yet unknown (solved! See update 2 below) we don’t need a big name attached to know it commands saving and restoring. That parquetry, hardwood ceiling, mosaic kitchen tile and of course, that simply awe-inspiring suspended fireplace. These are all features which if to be rebuilt would cost an absolute fortune, yet here they are in lovely condition in an all round breathtaking residence. The lack of photos, floorplan, it’s location (one of the most deadly for original MCM homes in the country) and general encouragement of destruction from the agent (grrrr) sounds the alarm. People! Someone! Anyone! Please take over this home and treat it with the love and care which has seen it through thus far, for it is a gorgeous landmark and must be preserved! 

Shout out to Steven Coverdale and his gang at MCDA for unearthing this one.

**Update** Thanks to Simon Reeves who has scratched up the existing plans (c.1957). Mr Reeves has commented elsewhere that in a heritage study some years ago he recommended this little section of Orion St would be worthy of protection as a heritage precinct.
Of course, they paid no heed to that. 

**Update2** Current tenant Tim has contributed some pics and commentary on unseen aspects; “These photos are OK but it doesn’t get across how good this place is to live in. There are some fantastic design features in this place…………These concrete steps up from the garage are cantilevered. These stairs run up the side of a 90 degree pie shaped conical grotto, lined with volcanic rock. This area is always shaded and remains cool on the hottest days….”

Update 2  – Architect discovered to be one Mr P.P. Packer.