One frenzy over, another begins.
Charles Duncan’s work (always a firm fav with you all) has revealed itself once more with an absolute pearler new to market. According to Steven at MCDA the origin story tells of a family in 1966 with a limited budget but desiring eye for Modern architecture (sound familiar?) having watched with interest the build of Charles Duncan’s Williams House in Eaglemont (which we listed only last year). Though they assumed the architect wouldn’t bother with the small commission they had in mind, they approached him nonetheless. Fortunately he did take it on and here is the result; a (now) 3 bedroom home with the home office of dreams (added by Duncan again at some later date) in his trademark hefty forms, earthy materials and wonderful spaces in one of the best examples we’ve seen yet. With a parade of extra brownie points; excellent condition, large bushland garden, pool and the wonderful idiosyncratic details which make architect designed homes just that bit more magical; inbuilt child’s bunks, joinery and gorgeous minimal fireplace this one, in these dry summer conditions, is sure to start a wildfire.