Before the priced out youngen’s started their inevitable migration over the Watergate and burbs like Seddon, Kingsville and Footscray were still the domain of the original working and migrant population, we’d staked ourselves a little slice of inner west and this home was one of two Mid-Century touchstones we held dear. In a region verily untouched by postwar freestanding homes we’d consistently monitor on the driveby and in tandem – this large abode not just across the road and the little green fella. And may we declare that the owners of this rather unassuming residence were a beacon to us in terms of preserving such a local rarity. Not least with that button-bright green paint job but when we saw they had installed ti-tree fencing we lost our minds with delight – these were obviously people who know what they have and how to make it work. Finally getting a peep inside we can see the Mid-Century joy continues and is celebrated over and over with a wonderfully pared back but full retro flavour throughout. All in all – a perennial charmer, still evoking the grins.