Kitchen bench top and black tile aside, this elegant eyrie is a picture of sleek Modern lines and era specific features in Hobart’s most fancy suburb, hence the price tag. Though no architects are mentioned we firmly believe there must be a name one behind this, it’s too thoughtfully laid out and grownup to be a mere Mid-Century collection of housing trends. No, this one has sophistication in spades and we’d hazard a guess one feel very urbane when simply pulling up in that carport. Very nice indeed. 

**Update** Owner, Debra has contacted us with a possible architect and a touch of Australian art celebrity!
“We think the architect was Harry Oldmeadow who did a lot of great residential work in Hobart in the 60s.
My parents bought the place in 1967 – I think it was built in 64 and the family have owned it ever since.
Also it was the Hobart home of artist Lloyd Rees – his paint splashes are still on the wall of his old studio.”