Back to business this morning, serious business. Not wanting to get you excited but we are confident it will be one of the best homes MA will post in for 2019. Situated (where else?) but the NSW spiritual home of Modernism, Castlecrag, with its architectural history noted in the local newsletter alongside the men’s shed and tennis club open days (hey preservation battlers – there’s an idea) and appearing in government commissioned heritage reports, architect John M. Brindley devised and built this residence as his own in 1955. New owners took over in the mid 60s, added a little extension to the front and that, dear friends, is that. As such this sale seems to be an estate wind up and the home is undoubtedly a little tired and wanting some love (yep there’s a pool under that ‘decking’ out front.) Subsequently the campaign is a rather limp affair with unforgivable photography requiring us to resort to video stills to convey the magic. 
Now, the term ‘Palm Springs’ is as exhausted and abused as we, the voting public, are in this federal election campaign however here it is applicable and if your Mid-Century desires run toward elegant, low-slung homes of glass and white walls and sensible living/sleeping wing division and you’re a sucker for a lush lawns, feature palm trees, poolside crazy paved patios, service courtyards and winding long drives leading to carports then this dear readers, is one for you. Furthermore if you can afford all the extras of higher-end living including wine cellars and bajillion dollar views and this highland-toffy address, yet have the integrity against the stereotype of talk-back listening, developer donating, opera-house advertising, Sirius demolishing, anti-intellectual praising, cashed-up Sydney philistine then get up there and get your paws on a contract. We shouldn’t have to make such a case, this gorgeous segment of waterside MCM divinity should be heritage listed but we’re as usual it’s suspected not and it will be up to one of us to swoop to the rescue. And though the expense is large (impossible for most) the personal reward for doing so is immeasurable. Protect this house and the process save a sliver of your architectural soul.