This dreamy family home, a time stamp of its era, seemingly air-locked around 1970 and only now being entered by outsiders, is sending many of you into sentimental spins of delight. Maybe it’s the lighting or the decor comprising a veritable bouquet of floral wall papers, timber lined interiors, acid-toned tiles and the bar (oh that bar!) which hints at a possible location within the Wes Anderson universe. Indeed we would be not surprised upon inspection to see Bill Murray fixing himself a fresh japanese slipper downstairs or an industrious boy writing love letters on personally monogrammed stationary in the den/study. Whatever your take, we’d love to see the new owner/s somehow incorporate this vintage charm within any ‘update’ for it’s easy, nay, pedestrian to paint everything in white but it is much rarer and more beautiful to keep character and idiosyncratic vibes alive.