A magnificent home from the annals of Marvellous Migrant Melbourne Modern. This design by Austrian émigré Walter Pollock for a Mr J. Saltzman (c.1966) was sold a few years ago and has now undergone a super Braaiiiiighton luxe-over. At this point we could choose a path of snark and bemoan the loss (hopefully just cover-over) of that stunning terrazzo flooring and a few other lovely original features in the process of bringing this residence up to a standard demanded of the Real Housewives of Bayside BUT instead we are simply going to be happy that it remains structurally unchanged and loyal, nay, celebratory of its Mid-Century roots. For several of this architect’s other beautiful works have not been as lucky, indeed they’ve been destroyed in such wanton acts of philistinic villainy it sends us reeling. To wit – ‘Segal House’ in Balwyn North  a favourite of MCDA’s Steven Coverdale, was sold in 2014 (the same year as this home) then instantly demolished to make way for a banal expression of contemporary emptiness with touches of private hospital waiting room chic and the regulation 85 downlights. And if that doesn’t make you seethe then 1A Grong Grong, Toorak will; the architect’s own home (designed in1972) designed with a flowing simplicity and utility which was likewise destroyed and replaced with a McMansion of such ostentation one can only marvel at the sheer hollowness and vanity of its creator.  
But we digress, back in Brighton this residence has wholly escaped such a distressing demise and thanks to a savvy, appreciative owner is now breathing a new life and a solid future and for that we impart a sincere salut! 

*With the usual thanks for MCDA for the heads up on Balwyn & Toorak.