To our minds, one particular vision of Australian Modernism really comes into its own in these winter months, when the sun is low (and if in southern states, the chill and drear settles in for a stay) and that is the organic, early 70s, Sydney school informed Merchant Builders estate homes as designed by Graeme Gunn. We have regularly kept a spot open for these wonders (see our most recent from the Keraboite Gully Estate in Mount Eliza) with their appeal in recent years having finally and rightfully rocketing within the generation of us who perhaps spent their beginnings in similar surroundings. Today’s version within the notable ‘Winter Park Estate‘ is a lovely unmolested example from a design originally devised by Gunn in 1965 called the T3* here slighted changed up for the site. This fait accompli combination of progressive and stunningly simple design, raw earthborn materials offers nil to do but move in your indoor plants and LPs to complete the picture. Extra points here for the green limed kitchen (which has unlocked an entirely new level of interior possibilities!) timeless bathroom and flawless timber ceiling. An all round unmitigated delight. 

*check out MCDA for all your MCM  project homes facts and nomenclature!