Looking past the 1990s slathering of franked-credit mint, daytime-tellie grey you can get the sense that this is not only a 1960s Modernist design but an incredibly intelligent and well-conceived one at that. Northern orientation, flat roofline, easy flow of spaces with Japanese screens, masses of natural light and here and there some hints of what lies below, such as the textured brickwork. We have no doubt that a name architecture was behind this one (though who that is we are unsure) and as for its future – who knows? Even a residence as well built and in lovely condition as this is at the mercy of the wreaking ball, that gorgeous garden may indeed sign its death warrant.

**Update** But of course Simon Reeves and Steven Coverdale come to the rescue with info that this is indeed a wonderful (well pre 90s it was) architect commission circa 1961 for firm Hipwell Weight & Mason. See the earlier photos post plan, also from our dear fellows.