A fairly modest, suburban home reveals itself to possess wonderful lines and a steadfast progressive design directly from the 1960s. Fereday Homes is a new one for us and a burl on the ‘Googs isn’t giving it up – so who of you knows the score? We’d imagine judging by this example that Fereday Homes is an architect led-project housing group not unlike Merchant Builders of Victoria? In any case, this solid residence in great condition and with the burgeoning promise of a sensational native garden is a truly great pick up for those so inclined and in the vicinity.

**Update** Architectural historian extraordinaire Simon Reeves has lent his superior brain power and informed us about Fereday Homes to wit:
“It traced its origins back to 1948, when British builder Stan Fereday (1902-1963) came out here with a team of tradies and established a factory to make timber components for residential construction. The firm, based in the Adelaide suburb of Cudmore Park, was known as Feredays Ltd and its original architect was J S Hall. They went on develop many housing estates using a catalogue of standard house designs, and also undertook contracts for the SA Housing Trust. Stan’s son Michael (1935-2014) established his own project housing offshoot, Michael Faraday Homes, in 1973.”