Ah 1960s Warnambool. A land of Tag Walter designed wonders, where pleasantries were exchanged over a hot pot of tea, a choice of neenish or maids of honour tarts and all repression was dutifully swallowed and pasted over with brittle smiles. One can only imagine the sharp minds of housewives bereft of meaningful discourse, offering in replacement juicy gossip and breathtaking backhanded compliments within the walls of that sensational kitchen and array pastel hued, floral carpeted rooms. This residence remains a veritable museum piece; the pinnacle of a now historically and specifically female, anglo domestic ideal now staked out in cultural landmarks such as the ghost of Dame Edna. And indeed this home presents as such a fine, unmolested example of the era as to warrant a heritage overlay, though not the interiors – where we think the true cultural landscape is exhibited. Lest we forget.