According to Wiki the foundation of the religion of Christian Science is “a radical form of philosophical idealism, believing that reality is purely spiritual and the material world an illusion” Well, for a people who don’t defer to the material environment, they’ve sure built themselves one of the most elegant Mid-Century Modern churches we’ve seen, let alone posted as a listing.
Joining some of the great local examples of MCM churches such as St Peters, Clayton by architect Ivan Anderson c.1966 or St Bernards, Coburg by Gregor Hirsch c.1955 which are closely followed and quietly celebrated by only the most hard-core of MCM observers, this too is sitting on the sharp edge of heritage, as the most endangered buildings we have in our midst. With parishioner drop off, shrinking maintenance budgets and clerical changes all conspiring, many once-filled pews and atriums now exist in limbo past their day-to-day usefulness, though still in the full bloom of architectural, esoteric wonder. It is a dilemma for our times, our councils and our creative minds to address and ensure that stunning landmarks as these are not simply resigned to being savagely altered out of existence, or worse knocked down for some vulgar commercial venture. This  pair of soaring halls connected by internal courtyard, augmented by associated admin/living rooms, constructed in clean cream brick, expanses of timber and glazing is purely, on the merits of its materials (which echo that of an McGlashan Everist in architectural sweep) make it deserving of a new life and access for those who can work/perform/live with full appreciation of every aspect so designed. It would be diabolical to see even one centimeter of cheap plasterboard/foam cladding cover this beautiful interior or paint, new additional slap on buildings taint the outside. Like so many other places of worship we highly doubt such value has even punctured the radar of local council, let alone attained any kind of heritage protection. Once more it is up to us all to try for another end to this story, one of hope, beauty and appreciation. Here endith today’s lesson.