Posthaste to the chiase gang, lest your knees buckle for this one, as the kids like to say, slays.
From the very outset the stunning timber and brick countenance with white window detail, to the interior skillion beamed living and considered expanses of glazing (bedecked with an awesome never-before seen chevron light fitting) is not only of an inconceivably spotless and original condition but is even furnished with a pared back simplicity which suggests a certain itegrity of the owner, all of which conspire to make this home easily the best Tassie contribution of the year thus far. As with the cream of the crop, we’ll let the photos mostly do the talking, but not without a warning that such unmolested originality must not fall into the hands of a self-styled renovator whose only concept of ‘improvement’ is to thickly apply white paint and cesar stone to any and any and all surfaces, as the the agent declares:
“it is unsullied by insensitive attempts at renovation and retains all of it’s cool, retro chic – characteristics that are so often sought out or emulated today, but rarely found.” 
Indeed Kim*, we are all with you on that. 

*Speaking of the agent we must make note here that the startling brilliance of this home is utterly matched by the learned and appreciative sales pitch by said agent, to which we give a solemn Orson Wells ovation – Brava!