Are you a big fan of pedigree Australian Modernism? Always dreamed of living in, even buying, a Boyd, Clerehan or a Gunn but just a bit short of the usual $1 million plus these historical homes command. Maybe you’re even a first home buyer with no Bank of Parents priority? Well, we know a place where you can own a beautiful example from this cohort for under $370k. Behold apartment five of the ‘Bauhaus’ a complex from the hand of Neil Everist with his consummate architectural nous on show. Making use of a difficult North road facing position he has managed to bring light, warmth and breeze within a gorgeously solid and private home setting, finding space for 2 bedrooms plus extra with seamless inside/outside aspect. The white paint. Yes, we see it. We know what it has done, the damage in our midst. We are investigating ways to work out if this could ever be corrected for this house (and for many many others)*. In the mean time let’s try and get past it and we suggest drawing joy from the Yves Klein Blue highlights and of course that floor plan instead. May the bunfight begin.

*A big announcement re MCM renovation and building is imminent, watch this space!