To cite one of the most progressive expressions of Twentieth Century, western culture – Modernist architecture – a manifestation of all social and political facets slipping from their languid traditions into an exponential slipstream of change, in one of our regions regarded as least receptive to ‘the progressive’ (sorry Townsville – stereotypes be stereotypin’) may seem almost a reach. But here at MA, we know that the pragmatism and sublime satisfaction in fuss-free design of the 1940-1970s was appealing (and can be discovered) everywhere. Indeed a Goog-stroll down Millard Ave (and a look out the windows) reveals a veritable village of stunning, double-storey, weather-white, rectangle residences of a particularly Queenslander meets Internationalist hybrid. This beautifully maintained version is but one with popping retro detail (balustrade ohh!), open living/dining and large floor to ceiling windows allowing for essential air flow and of course the capacity to be enveloped by the incredible fecund greenery of tropical gardens (again – check some others down the street). With a pricepoint on par with old boots, this little surprise package brings the goods in many, many ways.