After many years in the pipeline, today we launch the Modernist Australia Rolodex!
For a long time we have received weekly requests seeking help in MCM sympathetic renovation and building, Concurrently we have noticed a lack of spaces for you to find cohesive information to locate materials, trades and expert advice with an MCM bent. Within our listings we have always encouraged robust conversation about the whats and wherefores of Modern craftsmanship and preservation, so the time has come to not only talk the talk, but provide a positive and easily accessable point for you all to make the best choices you can with your own MCM project. 
The MA Rolodex is a finely curated, Australia-wide resource for only the most proven businesses with a Modernist design ethos, history or sensibility. This includes, but won’t be limited to:
– Architects
– Builders
– Pre-fab & Project Home Plans
– Interior Designers
– Craftspeople
– Tapware, tile, brick, timber, fittings, flooring and fabrics.
– Furniture and the vintage marketplace
– Lighting
– Landscaping

There is also space for auxiliaries such as architectural historians and preservation organisations. 

In placing all of these professionals together on The MA Rolodex we provide a connection between possible clients and professionals in a simple classifieds tradition with digital ease. 
In the coming months we’ll release The MA Rolodex Companion, a written guide on all aspects on the building and renovation process, design, materials and histories to help you along. Ideally (and if you all can play nice) there will also be forums in the future.

We welcome any appropriate business or institutions with a proven passion for Modernist ethos and/or Mid-Century flavour to contact us about coming aboard!

Let’s Rolodex!