We Venture way out of our own date bounaries today as we have no idea of build date (but suspect it’s a bit later than the 1970s) . Nonetheless, we’ve had so many little fixer-uppers lately we thought a detour to where the .03% lives would be a nice timewaster. Admittedly Frank Lloyd Wright’s name does get bandied about these days with a frequency exceeding his actual influence or works, however this does seem more than most to replicate that heft, the dark drama, the materials and the wild geometry of the early Modenrist’s work – and that fireplce is really something. The bonus here that, although infuenced enough to be close to imitation and despite our thoughts that this architecture is generally more harmonious with its geographical origins (that is to say some icy, Illionis paddock) you can’t escape the gorgeousness of its location here, one of the most beautiful urban suburbs in the world, the bushland harbour enclave of Middle Cove, Sydney. One can only guess what the throat drying weekly rate is for this rental, though for us looking for a bit of mid-week eye candy, thats the least of our concerns. Enjoy!