Many thanks to Alistair over at Secret Design Studio, one of our most excellent professionals on the MA Rolodex who provides a pre-renovation advisory and design service including personalised (Dr Retro) Housecalls to many an MCM homeowner seeking direction on the sympathetic renovation. Alistair highlighted this one earlier in the week and we are smitten with not only the astounding Mid-Century public building architecture on display here (architect unknown as yet) but also the potential to a more eccentric mind. To our way of thinking those soaring arches, entry, driveway internal spaces and surrounds leaves only one clear option: a Howard Johnsons-esq roadside, super Googie, motel and restaurant complex (yes, we’ve suggested this before). We propose a slimline, double story complex of motel rooms outside, overlooking a pool, with the current building host to booths, window seats, burgers, shakes and rosy waitresses called Marlene. Call us crazy or even old-fashioned, but it’s certainly more visionary than the empty shell it is now and just the kind of landmark tourism we know many of you would go all the way to Broken Hill for. There are only so many tiny mining museums one can peruse in outback Australia after all. 
Better get your phone bids in kids as this one is selling (well, maybe) this morning.