This commentary is directed  to the agents; Dear James and Liz, we welcome this home onto MA for one reason and one reason only – the photography. Whomever you’ve hired to take these shots is a marvel of rare and precious talent. In less caring and skillful hands we would hard pass this house, even with its wonderful, all original furnishings and certain design elements, as the images to go with would most liekly be average. Instead these photographs you listed have transformed a tired family home, (albeit with a lot of gorgeous potential) into a Todd Haynes melodrama (ooh those bedrooms!) with us slobbering over every detail. We dare say that any interested buyers we attract your way will ask for simply everything thrown in (though we’d like to call dibs on the downstairs planter box for ourselves). The power of the image in an market these days is not to be overlooked and this unchanged, Mid-Century residence is a clear-cut example of marvelous sellability of the dream, despite present condition and age.