As they say in the classics (or is that the socials?) GTFO. This nugget of brisbane MCM gold has just bumped to the top, becuase as a desceaed estate and dubbed ‘a renovator’ by the agent (and what a watery pitch it is) sounds like it could easily fall into the wrong hands.
This. Must. Not. Happen.
Sure if your idea of ‘renovation’ is installing your collection of awesomely bold and swingin’ Mid-Century decor then that’s a fair ask as the inside has undergone a searing blanc-out which, though clean, baseline and not irreversable, needs some character to live up to the promise of its incredible exterior (seriously, if anyone messes with that…….*fists clench*……just sayin’).
‘Nuff said, pics tell you more. All we’re doing is sending it out to the internet ether posthaste and demand someone worthy get onto it, like now!

*With thanks to Modernist Australian, Michael, for pinging this one through and advising us of others in this row….