We all know real estate agents get a bad rap but sometimes, just sometimes, that asessment is spot on. Take this residence for example, an incrediblly elegant, intact Mid-Cenutry home of rare architectural nouse. Now check the excrement planned to be piled up on the site, after the bulldozers have wiped any semlbence of this residence and accompanying garden. Blah.
Here’s a tip for free Alex ol’ mate; BUILDING DESIGNERS ARE NOT ARCHITECTS. Without opening up a Roman coliseum’s worth of fights over performance, snobbery and experiences, the plain truth is that what is being proposed here has no design merit whatsoever and is something AI could spit out if the imput data included the keywords: bloated, depressing, environmental ignorance & cookie cutter. And this is what you get when you equate a person with zero creditials and zero study of design somehow on par with those spend 5 years (and the rest) investigating the boundless discipline and history of architecture before they even start practising. And of course there are some sensational building designers, just as there are some godawful architects, but to not even understand the difference and the wildly varying degree in which design is understood and implemented by each suggests a kind of ignorance which would (in other fields) see the local mechanic design the new Tesla or the beauty therapist down the street to perform skin grafts (though to be fair, these professionals also require solid accrediation too, unlike self proclaimed building designers). 

Anyway, just a little something we wanted to get off our chest.

Someone please buy this gorgeous (and deserving-to-survive) house.