Some are seduced by those who reside in steely, severe penthouses bedecked with typical, flashy baublery advertising the owners immense wealth accumulation with sledgehammer subtlety. Us? Give is this instead any day. Though also requiring hefty financial outlay this simple, 1 bedroom abode perched on a rare crux of natural clifftop and inner-Sydney action would have us weak at the knees if ever invited up for an etching perusal. A home not designed (nor furnished) to further the impression of power or intimidation that oft comes with larger banking portfolios, but rather a place built purely for the sensory pleasures of living – long outdoor lunches, reading in the winter sun, bare feet on Persian rugs and the toot of harbor tugs endlessly carried on the breeze. As such it comes as no surprise that Bruce Rickard, a man who led The Sydney School architectural ethos of placing such indigenous, natural and elemental pleasures front and center in domestic design, not only designed this residence but owned it for a time.
This singular expression of Sin City bohemia is as utterly desirable in its simplicity as it is rare and one which will not doubt have many of you (and us) hitting up the lucky shop for a ticket and a chance.