Even the agent can see this one is special. For all the down-at-heel-felafel-in-hand-QLD-rental presentation, the ping of ambitious, progressive and stright up cool architecture strikes with immediacy for those with the eye for it. Thought the architect remains a mystery at this stage (though we wouldn’t be surprised if it was a practitioner of note) we are enthralled by the potential of this home with unmolested bones and wild garden. That backyard view of squared built form, giant Monsteria (and kegs!) is simply killing us, to say nothing of the breeze-block carport with the main build floating directly above in the best tradition of  Mid-Century Modernist design for a sloped residential block. There is a lot here to rescue and enhance though similarly a lot which could be ruined or even destroyed in the wrong hands. Let us all join hands and pray for the former.