Those looking for a real project to sink their teeth (and funds) into could do worse than to pick up this rather awesome, albeit neglected,  offering in South Australia. Sitting on the market for a long time now and clearly needing someone with pioneer grit who doesn’t mind the creepier, Stephen Shore, house-that-time-forgot edge (perhaps hire it out for some avant-guard fashion shoots first before the restoration begins?) this residence (and huge land offering) could become a realised compound of dreams with original flourishes all over the place including; extensive stonework, iron balustrades, breeze-block, squared forms and interiors dripping with decor you either need to elevate, or burn in a purifying ceremony out the back, depending on the spirit of place. In any event, this one is sure to draw a strong reaction and for every ten of you turned off, we know there will be one inspired weirdo out there who will simply adore it.