While taking the Googs for a spin this morning, we’ve stumbled across this residence for which there’s not much to say except – COULD THIS BE THE MOST ELEGANT RENTAL WE’VE EVER SEEN IN PERTH?!
Okay, we’ve claimed down a bit, but honestly, this is an eye-widening find of consummate design, craftsman joinery with an inspired refurb (we assume? We’ll just ignore that flooring for now) and presents as nothing less than a residence of supreme architectural purity so seldom now seen anywhere in the country, let alone the wild west. We have no idea who is behind this, in what year it was built (the inbuilt timber suggests a distinct Mid-Century flair (we’re guessing mid 60s?) nor who has so beautifully looked after it since. All we know it that it’s magical find like this which add a so much joy and hope to our day. Click and die. 

**Update** The owners have very kindly gotten in touch with us, to tell us the sotry of their find, Japanese inspo and the hardwork of restoration / renovation (including a little flooring regretsy, ahh the pitfalls…..)

“We found this house in total disrepair a couple of years ago. It wasn’t for sale but we were chatting to an agent who knew the elderly owners. He thought we might have some vision for the place and introduced us off-market. We did a careful restoration, working with a builder friend…….We have not been able to find the name of the original architect unfort. We think the architect must have had some experience or time in Japan. There are Japanese accents around the place, including an old replica Tori between the house and back garden. The garden also has a man-made waterfall into a Japanese-looking rock pool that we plan to restore one day. Right now it’s totally hidden by nasturtiums……We agree with you about the new floors. The idea was hard wearing (inexpensive) light grey bamboo. I got excited about a particular design on one sample floor board, which really didn’t work at scale……..”