Seasoned campaigners may picture first wave 1940s-50s bohemia when they hear the word ‘Beaumaris’ and their versions of timber and fibro domestic experimenta, produced by intellectual, pre-tv nature kids, however even in the 1970s Beauie was still building the kind of beautifully conceived and constructed Modern-ethos homes we all love. This one, a project design by architect Francis C. Mason for Lewis Coote Homes certainly displays the later-era penchant for darker organic brickwork, deep-toned timbers and heft of form. But what we can also see within this design is the direct Modernist language of straight-lines (overlooking that gabled roof), northern orientation, deference to natural light , craftsmanship and flow of space. The only requirement to bring this back to 1970 glory would be a clear out of the Baroque decor and a clean up of the yard (c’mon! that pool deserves a summer).

For more Beaumaris fun – remember the annual Beaumaris Modern Open Day is but weeks away on Sunday, October 20th! For info on all the open homes and tickets – head over to their page here.