The second of the Cottesloe rental finds, this one a bona fide, pedigree, never-before-sold-or-leased rarity by Perth’s own MCM legend, Iwan Iwanoff. Not that you need us telling you that  – the quickest of glances here shows off the man’s trademark, Aztecian blockwork before you even get near the threshold. And like yesterday’s example, this too fills us with unmitigated joy at not only finding a true slice of Perth Modernist architecture, but one sustaining nil damage in the form of poor, prior renovations. From what we understand, this has undergone an intense refurb yet is remains completely loyal to Iwanoff and his unrestrained, European fair. The dark timber detailing, walls of concrete grey and white (an unusually appropriate use of the dreaded blanc – to our minds) and beautifully veined stone, echoed in sections of marble. Topping off the glory is the residential version itself – perhaps the only ‘townhouse’ the master designed and built, again unusual for an architect whose primary language was voluminous family residences.
MCM sandgropers, this is at least worth a gander (if renting is out of the question) as it’s not often such hitherto unknown examples of your own design legacy open their doors.