Like a world-weary dame, a showstopper in her youth, but spending many years subject to bad deals, bad managers and bad boyfriends this residence too shows the scars. Yet, also like the dame, it powerfully shines through with irresistible attraction and spark. That is good bones for you. Bones, in this case designed by one of MA’s favourites, architect Neil Clerehan c.1960 for a Mr Allan Gilliam & Mr Ronald Quigley (yes, they were a couple). Despite the refurbs, the add-ons and the (of course) white paint this home is a beauty of open flowing spaces and light. The kitchen alone has us returning again and again to this listing. We hope this one can continue with grace, with perhaps a little peeling back of previous poor choices though in this part of town, the pressure will be on to do the opposite. 

*With thanks to MCDA (Check our Rolodex under Preservation & Culture) for the history and historical pics.