We’ve hit the Freaky Friday jackpot today with not only an incredible, architect designed, enormous Mid-Century Modernist, riverside residence dating from the late 1950s, but one which is in such a dilapidated state as to render itself a Sam Rami set (right down to the rusted out cars which we supposed were snapped for……ambience?). That said, this building’s beautiful formalist details, use of engineered concrete and the pine needle landscape could just as easily double as the abaondoned summer palace of a cold war Stavka too. In any case, no one is going to gloss over the fact that the entire property inside and out, requires a complete restoration and rebuild, though but we believe (as many of you will too) that there is a rare Modern magic to this place and once you’ve cleared the ghosts away it could be a commanding compound for any contemporary Brisbane baron. 

Local QLD architecture peeps –  we’d love you to weigh in and tell us all – what/who is the story here?