Like those who fossick for gold, we know the range and the environmental factors which indicate a rich vein of that which we seek. In Australia, when looking at MCM residences, it is most promising to check the ‘middle-ring’ suburbs, those developed in the 50s and 60s and for whom, perhaps ironically, the most scorn about suburban banality has always been directed. Check Vermont in Melbourne. Normcore to the max. The place where your parents live. Where nothing happens, young adults flee and where culture stays firmly on the M1. And yet, it is exactly Vermont where you find incredible homes like this one. An architects own*and built c.1964. So impeccably designed that we are stealing the floorplan and sticking it straight into the ‘dreamhome build’ file. The very essence of progressive and open-minded as seen in every aspect here from the aforementioned design, to paved flooring and walls of windows and the decor which speaks of worldly curiosity and creativity. This startling beauty pops up and reminds us all that actually a great deal lies behind the trees and quiet streets of our original suburban belts.

Thanks to Steven over at MCDA (check our Rolodex  – Preservation & Culture – for the link) for spotting this one!

*The architect in question has been revealed to be a Mr. John Armstrong, who worked for many years in the department of Housing and construction and later as an architectural manager. From what we understand he designed a number of houses, mainly for family and friends, with this one, his own, being the only one to be since offered for sale.