For all the money, position and supposed savvy the bankrolled of Brighton assume, we sadly continue to spy example after godawful example of the tired trends and the repellent rebuilds in this suburb, often as prescribed by the most banal of the breed: the B-list celebrity. So when an insanely original, neutral-toned c.1968, Merchant Builders residence by legendary architect Graeme Gunn presents, as this one does, the alarm bells ring and the haunting spectre of a high-gloss, tinted-windowed, snow-white ‘renovation’ rises from the depths. Either that or  worse –  destruction in totality of every beautiful brick and valuable raw timber with one (r two) monstrous ‘luxe’ villas constructed in its place. Lets us try to not go there. Lets us dream that there is someone with both the integrity, the finance and the eye to grasp the rare beauty and seek to advance this truly wonderful family home in the sympathetic and creative manner it deserves.