Yet another unforeseen and breathtaking example of early, Post-War Australian Modern, this home has incredibly remained unmolested by anything or anyone for the last 60 years. We’re going to assume the owner was a indie stalwart, a bush-seeker, a soul steered not by concerns prestige nor the trappings of the material, but rather progressive ideals of design, the purity of elemental nature and the serenity of considered spaces. We’d dearly love it, if there is anyone left in Sydders with such a mindset (and also the funds – a most impossible combination), to take on this place and continue on, as it has done for over half a century.   

**Update** We have received word from the daughter of the owners and builders of this residence, a rather progressive couple – as we had guessed – who employed noted architecture firm Robertson and Hindmarsh (active from 1953-1977 – and thus essential Australian Modernists) to build the family home in 1960. Upon vacating the home, was the discovery made of several Sunset magazines, perhaps used a resource to advise on creating a Modern home on similarly hilly California terrain – bless!