For all the fish-in-a-barrell snidery directed at a certain subset of idle well-to-do women, with bottomless bank accounts, golden-haired children and 200k Insta followers* we’ll actually be really disappointed if this doesn’t fall into such hands. We believe this little home-husk, synchronised in nature and of stunning potential could do a lot worse than to be taken up by such, to return triumphant on the cover of some house mag in 18 months time as an aspirational dreamscape of considered, Tapestry-tinged, material celebrating refurbishment**, bedecked with all the tasteful, sustainable and material loveliness that goes along with that. 

*A local has suggested a mistake here in our cultural assessment of place; despite the pricetag, the locale of Coaster Retreat isn’t really the prevserve of the steroeptyical glam-insta-Northern-Beaches-mummy we hear/tell about, purely because its relatively rugged environemnt including no access other than boat, no cars and no shops. More a place for lovers of nature and hermit level quiet,  rather than the gabbling ‘influencers’. We stand corrected.