South Australia continueth the lesson in high-steppin’ elegance with this insanely intact home atop bush land hill acreage. Displaying the kind of restraint seen in the dietary patterns of WASP ladies-who-lunch (that is to say – a super human ability to say ‘no’ to all extras) has left this residence as sparkling and true as when it was built. There is no overblown luxe-overs, nor cheeseball attempts to be ‘classy’ with marble or stainless steel, for such gauche manoeuvres are not necessary when something is so refined from the outset. The gorgeous windows opening to a northern panorama, the simplicity of spaces and blond brick lending a extra purity to the Modern, no doubt architect led, design. And the fact that something this breathtaking and original is within financial reach for many is another stab of injustice to those unable to relocate to this ever-more desirable of spots. We click and we wish.