We are learning new things every day here at MA, and today it’s a name – Karl Hertle. Clearly a legend in this unlikely architectural spot of inland Queensland, Hertle is (was?) a builder from days when that meant something. Judging by this jawdropping residence he and his crew executed a level of pride, skill and craftsmanship which would make a modern day homebuilder weep*. Not surprisingly this premiere example of all these attributes is this fellow’s own family home, so there is no expense spared, no material too precious and no detail too small to be finished with aplomb, And my, how it remains after half a century, a shining testament to all involved and those who have cared for it and lived in it. A rare and precious jewel of an MCM home in the sunbeaten, cicada shrilling hills. 

*Our ongoing goal here at MA will be to locate and promote on our ROLODEX any domestic builders who, within their business and ethos, are reviving this lost art of expertise and craft. Any builders out there who laments the state of our building industry and seeks to rise above this mire – get in touch with us today!