It’s been a while since we’ve been graced you all with a Sibble Built home. For those uninitiated, the Dutch-born, Sibbel brothers Martin and Herman (aided by one of their daughters) and officially known as Sibbel Builders (1964-1975), created an entire legacy of highly crafted and designed residences across Melbourne. Their trademark of beautiful timber joinery, thoughtful design, and deference to the natural environment of each site, in the best Modernist traditions, has enthralled many over the last 40 years. Sadly the last few homes by Sibbel Builders we’ve seen have been run-down then knocked down, however, this absolute ripper stands proud and true as the day it was built (albeit with some minor changes). Handsomely positioned on a difficult sloping block, this spotless example is a classic, late-era Australian, Modern house of earthly comfort and light which is made all the more culturally pointed that (once again) it took immigrants to clarify and confirm just how beautiful that can be. Click and Enjoy.