The essence of a childhood home and an architect designed, Mid-Century home especially, works its way into the young psyche like nothing else. Take this residence in Adelaide, the family home of present-day historian and MCM aficionado Stuart ‘Modernist Adelaide’ Symons* (as seen in the MA Rolodex under ‘Preservation & Culture’). Designed by architect Brent Blanks of Adelaide firm; Caradoc Ashton, Fisher, Woodhead and Partners it was a commission by Papa & Mama Symons in 1971 to capture their own happy times, which ultimately resulted in this glorious Modernist residence of split levels and soaring double-storey heights which echos, as requested by the owners, the English farmhouses visited on their honeymoon.
We think its particularly enticing, capturing for us (perhaps inadvertently) that late 60s/early 70s Tudor and harpsichord chic as read about in so many Laurel Canyon band bios, and would snap it up in a heartbeat if in the market. Of course, it helps that this house has been so beautifully looked after by these owners the entire time, its wonderful pristine state a testament to their appreciation, the design and considered construction of the home overall to which we exclaim a hearty- yea verily! 

*Fun Fact – this home has recently appeared in artist Eliza Goosse’s painting exhibition, Eggs With Soldiered Toast Buttered Well’ which was inspired by Australian MCM homes and childhood memories alongside our very own childhood home! The architectural echoes reverberate eternal…….