Radiating the kind of sun-kissed beauty going hand-in-glove with fresh scrubbed skin, long sunsets and glowing kids (or adults) running amuck is this gorgeous Peninsula beach house. Though in a posh part of the blue ribbon state, this hushed and hidden home is one for those who eschew the migrational rah-rah – the over-catered, celebrity affairs in mansions with tennis courts and accruing 900k Insta followers to validate it all, preferring instead long BBQ lunches with drop-ins on the deck, chasey with the kids in the ti-trees and/or a spot of cards in the lounge room after a big day in the surf. We’d hope that this unassuming venue for low-key holidays with genuine relaxation and connection at its core could stay exactly as it has done since 1968, for there is no better environment for such living than a place like this.