Though much of the beach shacks we post here are very modest, sometimes the classic Mid-Century beach house was a little more ambitious, built for any number of cousins, grandparents and drop-ins cycling through the seasons. This unbeatable residence is a case in point. A walk from the beach, surf club and the best dinner on the entire Surf Coast, it lies swaddled in bushland and reverberates that eternal nostalgia and promise of Summer. So much joy and recognition sparking off every surface and open plan space here, including the awesome iron balustraded deck, carport underneath (housing either a station wagon or ping pong table), main living with expanses of window, tiled fireplace (do. not.!) or that sweet as Jan & Marcia bathroom. All in all, it conspires to pull heartstrings and purse strings in order to make such an unparalleled and uniquely Australian lifestyle, a permanent option.