We’ve seen a lot of Beachcombers in many of places over the years but the location and set up of this one well……

*exhales in low whistle*

And the present owners (who have seen to it that one doesn’t need to construct an overcooked mega-mansion to partake in the lucky country jackpot that is Sydney waterfront living) are keenly hunting to find someone who will cherish this home as they have;

“I would love to see another family experience the joy of living in this simple well-designed home, flooded with light due to its orientation and small footprint in relation to the block. We have lived in this modest comfortable cubicle perched on its steel legs above a large block of gently sloping waterfront land for around 20 years.”

Though a tiny bit modified (with dark timber beams whitened-out apparently under the duress of the real estate agents – boo!) its a gorgeous and intact example of Nino Sydney’s now iconic salute to such a (not just monetarily) rich lifestyle where the elements – trees, water and sky take their due priority over the built ghastliness of  media rooms, excessive marble forecourts and never-used 5th bedrooms.