Let us now retreat back down to Melbourne and into the world of European delicacies with two very fine examples of Marvellous Migrant Melbourne Modern (MMMM) today. Starting with this gorgeous and untouched beauty and first one built (c.1963) in this noted road of the matzo heartland that is Caulfield North. Everything in right place, like time hasn’t moved a second – the breathtaking terrazzo, custom joinery by Dario Zoureff (natch), pink bathroom, breeze block, golden wallpaper, parquetry. We mean – sheesh – the front door here holds more craftsmanship in its ornately carved frame than most volume knock-ups have in their entire construction, hell, an entire estate! It bears repeating that this kind of detail and creative boldness is simply not done these days, we have not the materials, nor the finely skilled artisans on call like these families employed back then and it pains us to think such manifest magic could be simply skipped by the next spiv who rolls along with dollar signs in their eyes and polystyrene board in their veins. Nope, it will not do. Someone buy this and save it. Preferably today. Please and thank you.