The geographical impossibility of us snapping up this home, resplendent with such glorious details, design and condition makes us quietly weep. Dovetailing with his dismay is the sales pitch which limply suggests some kind of refurb ‘to taste’ (now what would that be exactly? Ripping out the bespoke cabinetry and chucking in some Bunnings janky particle board? Render the flawless blond brickwork? Slather every surface in ice-white paint and high gloss tile like some kind of Metricon interior package’ option #16′? We shudder at the thought) and moreso encourages those, who in the interests of nothing more than personal financial gain would knock it down and replace it with who-knows-what kind of godawful townhousery. In any case, we make the plea as usual – can someone please snag this before it falls to the mindless minions?