It’s not uncharitable to state that The City of Boroondara, a council which oversees the changing fortunes of the traditionally sedate suburbs such as Balwyn and North Balwyn in Melbourne, has at once presided over some of the richest pockets of Mid-Century Australian residential buildings anywhere in the country and seen to it that an unholy amount are destroyed. And destroyed too in the most harmful way, not for better contemporary designed projects of medium-density living or more engaging streets/spaces, but removed in the unceasing construction of monuments to obscene wealth and avariceĀ  – overblown, nouveau riche, McMansions, with nary a tree in sight, which ultimately have rendered the entire area an abject loss. BUT there are survivors which remian, and this is one of them. How long it can hold on for is up to you and us to spread the word and perhaps salvage what remains after this suburb’s wretched recent history. We hold out & we hope.