A favourite MCM subset of ours, and rather little known, is the regional Australian success who knew a thing or two about progressive design, had the finances and the connections to create something special to revel in his achievements. ‘Pronger House’ is such an example. Commissioned by local window and joinery manufacturer, Viv Pronger. this striking home in Gympie, bearing trademarks of his own industry, still holds the essence of progress and dynamism which made this local family a prominent fixture. Compleated c.1961* and albeit having undergone some not so sympathetic changes, the word on the ground is that it’s still choc-a-block with unusual and gorgeous Modernist swing which lends itself easily to a complete refurb – celebrating past glory and pumping it back into the future once more. Get out on that patio kids!

* Architects: Prangley and Crofts