After that delectable European fare yesterday, let’s go back to the cake shop for another hit. This one in what we’d also deem a hotspot of MMMM – AKA postwar, emigre, domestic architecture, with the name here giving it away off the bat. ‘Zimmerman House’ (c.1967)* is yet again a breathtaking work of era and culturally specific Modern luxe; flawless cream brick, tile and stonework, bespoke joinery, wide breezy living spaces and full-length glazing answering so beautifully to the desires of today’s high-steppers but possessing the exuberant and daring details seemingly long gone. Another which needs a respectful hand, who also knows a great party house when they see one. 

*Designed by Sol Sapir who, like Alistair Knox, is one of our great, Mid-Century,’un-papered’ architects with an outstanding built legacy.