In a landmark street and from a local legend as Baurmaris Modern gives us the rundown:

“10 acres of land was purchased by developer/builder Max Sachs in the early 1960’s – the land had been a chicken farm. Max shared his office in Brighton with architect, Harry Ernest and built many of Harry’s houses in Brighton and Caulfield. The flat roof houses in Bellaire court were designed by Max to have ‘interesting floor plans, courtyards, swimming pools and good site orientation as well as new building techniques’ . Max built all the houses on a concrete slab and incorporated ducted heating into the slabs. Max said, ‘Its hard to achieve a good floor plan under a tiled roof’. Max worked with an amazing Dutch brick layer, ‘he was the top of his class with exceptionally clean brick work, with deep raked out and square ironed mortar joints’.
The houses were built between 1963 and 1968.”

This immacualte and very intact residence is a true artifact of our Mondernist Australian heritage. Who here would like to live amoungst it all?